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When You Understand The Power of The Future™
You Will Discover That By Changing Your Future
You Can Change Your Life Quickly and Permanently!

I am pleased and honored that you have come to visit this site, because your life can start changing for the better beginning RIGHT NOW, and I would love to have the opportunity to help you create your Healthy, Successful and Fulfilling Future!

One of the wonderful aspects of connecting with your power through the FutureVisioning™ Process is that can help you accomplish healings, changes and successes that go beyond your expectations... So my wish for you is that your visit here will be even more rewarding, enlightening and empowering than you hoped.

If you want to learn more about the whole empowering FutureVisioning™ Process, then read on... I would like to congratulate you for having the courage to search. In a world that encourages conformity and settling and especially since most of us have been lead down so many dead end roads, continuing to search for the wisdom, knowledge and tools to really live a joyful, healthy, happy and successful life takes genuine courage! So you can be proud of yourself that you didn't give up, because now you are closer than you have imagined to the life of your dreams!

Through this FutureVisioning™ work I have seen so many people create powerful, joyful, and often miraculous successes… and I know the power to create a healthier, happier life exists in everyone, including you!!! You are powerful... you often forget that, but it is time to remember, to heal your past and to reclaim your power and step into a healthy, happy and successful future!!

My goal is to help every person who visits this site to have a healthier, happier future, and we are developing all of the following materials, products and services to help you have the great life that you deserve:

•  Free Materials information, worksheets and downloadable meditations in the FREE MATERIALS section
FutureVisioning™ Keynotes, Lectures and Seminars
• On line and in person seminars to teach individuals to use FutureVisioning™ in their life and business.
An Apprenticeship Training Program for Therapists how to work with FutureVisioning to improve their own lives, and how to help their clients improve more quickly.
FutureVisioning™ for Teenagers- Rachael's Room, a place for teenagers who want to learn to live happy, healthy, more successful and empowered lives.
Private sessions with Ti An incredible, powerful and inspiring experience that will change you and your life forever.

You can learn to create an empowered, healthy and happy future! And this introduction will give you a foundational understanding of how the FutureVisioning process can be the answer you have been looking for.

By the way, I know there is a lot of information here... and by understanding this basic information you will get more value out of this whole site, and your life will improve easier and sooner. Laura, who I spoke of in the video healed her panic attacks in one phone call... and then healed her body and transformed her whole life in just a few weeks!

I know many try to tell you they have a "quick and simple" answer that is going to change your life... Just "Have a Positive Attitude", "Be in the moment", "Let Go, Let God", or "meditate for 20 minutes every day".  Most of us have tried these get rich quick, self help and spiritual techniques that offer "3 simple steps" that are guaranteed to make your life or your business work ... but, have you looked at yourself and those around you and noticed that those "quick and simple" approaches usually don't work. There are tens of millions of people in the U.S. alone that have used those techniques for years, and most of them are still in pain.


What I did with Laura was not "simple", it was beautifully complex and therefore amazingly effective.

I spent years searching the world for techniques that really worked! And when I found true, empowering, effective metaphysical techniques, they were so powerful I literally saved my life from a life threatening disease using these techniques.

So, you see, this site for people who really want to change! I have found that the quickest way to change, is to actually dive into the ultimately beautiful complexity of you and your life, and to look at the whole of your life and the whole of your future.

By looking at the big picture of your life and honest picture of your future, you are better able to see the real source of the problem, and I often have clients heal issues in minutes or hours that they have spent years struggling with using the conventional "simple" and "quick fix" approaches.

I know this because I spent years trying to live "simple" truths, that are written and re-written and promoted again and again in most of the seminars and books that are produced. Things like "just love yourself more", "just be in the now", "do these affirmations", "just know everything happens for a reason" and "have a positive attitude". I got so frustrated that I wanted to smack anyone that said that to me again. So, after traveling around the world twice, looking for truths to make my life work, hanging out with gurus in India, reading and trying to apply all the positive thinking, self help, spiritual and psychological ideas ... I discovered, (being the quick student that I am,) that I was still hitting the wall in the same spot, over and over again. I realized that "quick" and "simple" solutions don't work.

Then, over thirty years ago, I met Lazaris, who is an exquisitely loving and wise channeled being. (Listed on the links page) In one of his early seminars, in addition to explaining that we are powerful beings who literally create our own reality through our beliefs, attitudes and actions... he spoke a profound truth that changed my life forever. He said, "Nothing in life is simple, and if you look for simple answers, you guarantee yourself a difficult life!!"

What?? How could he say something so... almost blasphemous? So many promote the quick "simple fixes". A big part of me had been searching for years, literally all over the planet, trying therapists, guru's, healers and workshops, trying to learn and live the "quick" and "simple" solutions that they all said were the answer. (And when they didn't work, I wound up thinking there was something wrong with me!)

After saying "If you look for simple answers, you guarantee yourself a difficult life," he then completed this radical and empowering idea by saying; "If you are really willing to embrace and work with the Complexity in your reality, then you can have an Easy life!!!"

This idea changed my life forever! It can change your life also!

Try something right now... Read this phrase again and pay attention to what happens in your body. "If you are really willing to embrace and work with the beautiful complexity in your reality, you can have an easy life!!!" How does your body feel? What happens in your mind? Even though I've worked with this idea for over 30 years, every time I read it I still feel a gentle relaxing inside of me and a light of hope growing brighter in my heart and my mind. The truth will set you Free!!!

This introduction, actually this whole web site, my life, my work, your life, and our connecting this way over an astonishingly complex world wide network of computers, phone lines and intermixed technologies ... all of this amazing complexity exists so we can communicate and create healthier, happier lives more easily!

This process of healing the past and designing and creating your future may be the biggest, most intricate, yet most beautiful and exciting project you will ever engage in... and it can actually be pretty easy.

I am totally excited about having the chance to support you in creating the wonderful life and the fulfilling future that you deserve, because inspiring and helping people to reclaim their own power and create wonderful lives is my greatest love in the world. This work gives me a joy I can never fully describe.

Life is about dreaming, and then making dreams come true. We've forgotten, or sometimes had this truth scared out of us . . . and it is time to remember. As Teilard deChardin said, "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience."

Life is about learning to embrace and then stand in the beautiful complexity of being powerful spiritual beings in a human realm, dreaming dreams of loving and being loved, and then learning to make those dreams come true.

Through embracing and working with the complexity of us, our power, our beliefs and our future. I have seen an amazing array of healings, successes and dreams come true in my practice working with individuals, couples and organizations, and in my own life I get to watch miracles happen regularly... this work accesses the awesome beauty, the infinite potential and the power that lies within every one of us.

I really understand the dark side also. I spent many years in pain ... searching, trying to live the simple truths of just being "in the moment," trying to "just accept", be satisfied with "what is", or to just see everything as "perfect" because "that's how God made it," or just "Love yourself", etc., etc. If those "simple" affirmations and ideas really worked, the millions of who tried these simple approaches would be healthy, happy and successful by now. Are they? Well... "Hello". Look at the world. Something is not working here.

But life should work, I wanted it to work... And it can! Now I know there is so much more fun and joy and success available to us because I have created it for myself, and I've helped thousands of others to be healthier, happier and more successful. I would love to help you create the health, happiness and joy that you deserve.

As a wise man once said, “We should pay a good deal of attention to our future, for we will spend the rest of our lives there.”

We are all on a journey into the future. Which future? Well, the awesome future of course. I know that an awesome future sometimes seems impossible, but that only seems to be the case when we don't know our power. Having spent plenty of time in struggle and powerlessness, I can now tell you that awesome not only exists, but it is a lot fun.

Please come in, join the adventure. Bring your hopes and dreams. We’ll hope and dream them with you. Bring your pain and passion, we’ll go with you into both. We’re not afraid of the pain, because we’ve been there and come out the other side, and we will celebrate your passion. You will read inspiring healing stories, personal growth stories and business success stories on other pages in this site, and you’ll be able to hear and feel us in the books and tapes that we are working on. We will be sharing the realness of our lives, showing you that we don’t just talk about growing, we vigorously and consciously live our evolution. We will share with you how, in our daily lives and relationships and careers, we actually live our empowered emotional, metaphysical and spiritual selves.

Welcome, come on in, browse around, join us. We not only believe in the feminine principal of partnership, we vigorously and lovingly pursue co-creation in our lives and in this work. In fact, one of the secrets at the core of FutureVisioning™ is ... that in order to create the magnificent futures we really want, we must reawaken the feminine, and thus be able to imagine and then receive the infinite love that fills the universe all around us. We want to share a joyful future journey with you, so sign up on our email list and tell us about your needs so we can help. Stay in touch, and let us know what’s going on with you.

We've got some incredible stories and tools to share, and these are stories and tools have never been available before. As you will read in my Bio, and hear on the tapes, I spent thirty years, two trips around the world, and a small fortune trying every healing and growth process I could find, creating and developing these new techniques that can really help us be the happy, healthy and magnificent beings we truly are! The FutureVisioning™ process really works.

The key lies in our relationship with our power, our future, and the beliefs that determine who we are and who we really can be. Our future holds the infinite potential as well as the actual health, happiness, success and love that we seek, and our beliefs and our relationship with the future can allow us to find and receive all life's infinite gifts.

A relationship, a partnership, a dance lives and breathes through doing and being, masculine and feminine, giving and receiving, . . . Your most magnificent future invites you to dance, and so do we.

This site will grow and change continuously, just like we are, so come on in anytime to see whats new.









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